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Looking for taxi services in Georgia? Alianza Taxi LLC has your back! Whether you need to book a ride in advance or are looking for transportation service on the spot, our company is your best option. We will take you where and when you need to travel.

Alianza Taxi LLC offers you 24/7, fast, safe, and on-time taxi services.

Get our service online without the risk of exposing yourself.

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Whether you need a taxi to get to know the city or for your return home, you can be sure to count on us.

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A Convenient, Fast, and Safe Ride with Alianza Taxi LLC

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Ordering a taxi service with us is simple with Alianza Taxi LLC. All you need to do is open our app, fill in the data, and you will be ready!

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When ordering your ride, the driver will take care of arriving in a matter of minutes. We make sure of taking the fastest route to your destination.

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Your safety is our priority. For you to ride with ease, all our trips are tracked by GPS. Hop in. We will take you to your destination safely.

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Other Services and Special Fares

Trips outside Georgia with special fares.

Reliable rides to help you get to and from work with fixed, affordable fares and discounts.

We offer our vans for your family trips (maximum 7 passengers).

Our App Redefines How You Ride!


You can book your taxi in just a few taps at any time and from anywhere. Define your location-destination to get your fare simply and efficiently.

Dedicated Service at All Times

We’re always there to support you and create the best experience. From the app, you can call our customer service team, and we’ll gladly assist you.

Peace of Mind

We guarantee your peace of mind from the moment you open the app until you reach your destination. Before confirming your ride, you’ll be able to know the details of the assigned driver and vehicle. You decide if you want to go with us.

Cancel at Any Time

We know that your plans can change in an instant. If you requested your ride, but you no longer need it, don’t worry. You can cancel your taxi from the app (without calling us).

Share Your Location with Friends

You can monitor the location of your assigned driver. And once you hop in, your friends will also know where you are and which route you’re taking.

Request a Taxi in Your Language

Spanish or English? When installing the app, you’ll choose the language of your preference. And when ordering your taxi services in Georgia, we’ll assign you a driver that speaks your language.

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