Our Mission Is to Make Your Life Easier

Alianza Taxi LLC is a private transportation company founded in 2015. We decided to start our business because of the need for safe, efficient, and affordable taxi services in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding cities.

Our beginning is humble, but we’ve always worked hard to improve and modernize our service.

In these years, we have expanded, and we’re now more than ready to guarantee your comfort, safety, punctuality, and complete satisfaction in every ride.

At Alianza Taxi LLC, you’re our priority. Your trust is the fuel that keeps us rolling every day.

To keep your loyalty, we do business following the values of honesty, unconditional service, and accountability.

We have won the hearts of our clients, and thanks to them, we’re now one of the leading taxi services in the region.

Thanks for your trust, and we promise to serve you unconditionally.


To offer high-quality, safe, and affordable private transportation services. Also, to make your life easier with the best delivery in Atlanta, GA.


To be the leading provider of transportation and delivery services in Atlanta, GA, within the next five years. We’ll achieve this by adopting new technologies, more efficient processes, and being constantly committed to the satisfaction of our clients.

Alianza Delivery

Are you a food business owner? With our Alianza Delivery app, we take care of the delivery of your dishes in a fast and efficient way. You can be sure that our team will deliver what you need in a matter of minutes!

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Alianza Food

Do you long to enjoy a dish from your favorite restaurant? We have good news for you! With Alianza Food, you can get what you need instantly, without interrupting your daily activities. Download our Alianza Food app and enjoy the best delivery in Atlanta and surrounding cities! You own your time; we, the best delivery.

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Taxi Services

Need a ride? With our private transportation in Atlanta, GA, we will get you where you need to go, whenever you need to. Whether you need to get to work on time, want to party, an airport transfer, visit a tourist location, or a simple ride back home, our company has your back.

Alianza Taxi LLC offers you 24/7, fast, safe, and on-time taxi services.

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